Lyft ATL x Atlanta Pride

Lyft ATL x Atlanta Pride

Were you drowning in a sea of balloons and glitter this weekend? If so, you were probably at Atlanta Pride! While enjoying all of the wonderful, crazy, and most certainly fabulous events at Pride this weekend, you might have seen Lyft Atlanta sporting a new accessory. Amidst the tidal wave of rainbows there was one bright pink beacon sweeping across midtown Atlanta. 

Meet the New Lyft Up Truck


Our most recent addition to the Lyft Atlanta team started out as a bit of a pumpkin — cue Disney references — but with a little fairy dust the Cinderella-like transformation is complete! We officially have a full-blown, gloriously pink, kingdom-ready carriage. Our fairy godfather and Ops lead, Dave, and the team over at SpeedPro Imaging made the truck come to life. Thanks to these awesome folks for making this truck a perfect fit!

You’ll be seeing this beauty around town in the coming months doing pop-up events, assisting drivers as well as passengers, and creating all sorts of fun for its favorite Atlanta hot spots. Expect some great deals for passengers courtesy of the new whip and follow all of its adventures on the Lyft Atlanta Twitter, @Lyft_ATL. We can’t wait to meet all of you as you find the #LyftUpTruck throughout the city. Welcome home Lyft Up Truck!

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