7 Things We Love About the Bay Area in the Fall

7 Things We Love About the Bay Area in the Fall

The days are getting shorter, nights slightly colder, and leaves a little redder. Which can only mean one thing — fall is here. And although it's not quite sweater weather in the Bay Area yet, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy sipping on warm apple cider or picking out the perfect pumpkin of the patch. From our unusually warm weather to Napa winery harvests, here are seven things that we love about the Bay Area during the fall.

1. It's our Indian Summer.
Ask San Francisco locals how they spend their first few weeks of the fall season and you might be surprised with the answers you get. Indian summer is a real thing here in the Bay. Sunshine and blue skies stick around through October, meaning days spent outside at the beach or park can continue well past "real" summer. 

2. But it's still sweater weather.
Okay, if we're being honest, regardless of our Indian summer, there's always a slight breeze through out the Bay. So the cold weather is never too far away for those who need a break from the warmth. One SF driver shared with us his favorite tradition during sweater weather:

" I carry pumpkin spice lattes for passengers, unless it's raining. Then I carry hot chocolate, because what's better than hot chocolate on a rainy day." - Aaron Wallace

3. There are pumpkin patches galore.
While going to the pumpkin patch isn't a tradition specific to the Bay, it's definitely a tradition we don't take lightly. Have you seen Arata Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay? If you haven't, it's probably because you've been lost in their hay maze for hours. Even city dwellers can enjoy quality pumpkin patchin' fun at Clancy's Pumpkin Patch, SF's first patch set up since 1979.

4. There's pumpkin everything, really.
You better believe the San Francisco food scene lives up to the fall hype. From pumpkin curry to pumpkin fro yo, we've got it all. Check out some of the best seasonal dishes our city has to offer here!

5. We have countless outdoor activities. 
Looking for picturesque park with fiery red leaves? Or maybe you want to have bonfire at the beach with your friends. Even a drive north will take you to some of the best ski resorts this state has to offer. Whatever your outdoor preference is during the fall, we've got it. These two SF brothers and Lyft drivers told us how they enjoy the Bay Area terrain during fall season:

"We love to go fishing! Fall time is halibut and striper season. We're actually going to Ocean Point right after this!" - Edward and Martin Hernandez

6. It's the best time to wine and dine.
If we're not getting toasty with a hot drink, we're most likely sippin' on some wine. October and September marks the beginning of harvest season in Napa. Wineries put on numerous events open to the public, such as BBQ harvests and grape stomps. Fall season basically means wine o'clock for all Northern Californians. 

7. We're always celebrating.
Oktoberfest, Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival, Great America Halloween Haunt, and so much more! There's a little something for everyone all season long.

And if these things don't get you excited about the fall, we'll leave this last quote from a local Sacramento driver right here:

"My favorite thing to do on a crispy night during the fall is wrap up in my cardigan, grab a cup of hot cider, and hang out at the waterfront in SF. I listen to the fog horn, watch ships sail by, and take in the lights from the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge." - Susan Mclaughlin


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