How Sunbelt Rentals Inc. Takes Rides to the Next Level

How Sunbelt Rentals Inc. Takes Rides to the Next Level

If you’ve ever planned a big event, you know it can be a windy road through organizing venues, food, drinks, shuttles, invites — and then it starts all over again when people actually arrive.

Moving through those checklists and managing her team’s travel is what Dara Rauwerdink, a meeting and event planner at Sunbelt Rentals Inc., does every day. For her, Lyft isn’t just a ride in minutes. Her livelihood depends on affordable, reliable ground transportation.

Dara sat down with us to share 5 ways Lyft helps her take meetings & events rides to the next level:

Cut Costs

When Sunbelt Rentals Inc. set out for a promotional roadshow across the country, Lyft helped the team stretch their budget to the last mile. With five different trailers visiting five cities each week, there were a lot of rides to coordinate. And Lyft often proved to be the most affordable option.

“It makes sense for us to use Lyft,” Dara says. “Keeping the bottom line down is a big thing for our company, and we’ve been impressed with how reliable the rates are.”

Ride With Peace of Mind

Dara prioritizes safety above all else for the Sunbelt Team. She appreciates the transparency and innovation that is built into Lyft’s safety program. With other ride options, Dara doesn’t know what kind of background checks the drivers complete or if they have a $1 million auto insurance policy like Lyft’s.

“Lyft’s screening process, background checks, zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy, and two-way ratings are really important for my team’s safety,” Dara says.

Save Time

As the Sunbelt Team relies more heavily on apps to stay organized and access services, the Lyft app fits their digital lifestyles.

“To keep our team satisfied, they need ease of use, and that goes hand in hand with technology,” Dara says. “Lyft’s app makes it really easy to get a ride.”

The Sunbelt Team has gone a step further to make ride requests easier with Lyft Concierge, a tool that enables event planners and travel managers to schedule rides on behalf of passengers. Dara can just enter the passenger’s name and trip information into the Concierge dashboard, and the ride is scheduled without the passenger opening their app.

Maintain Consistency

The Sunbelt team often travels across the country — in Orlando one week and then Los Angeles the next week. They want consistent options for long trips, so they don’t have to find a different solution in each city. Lyft provides that consistency, with drivers in cities across the U.S.

“It makes it a lot easier for our employees to use the same app instead of needing to find a different ride in each city,” Dara says.

Make Expensing Easier

With Lyft business profiles, the Sunbelt Team can use company cards and get ride receipts in their work inboxes. Lyft also integrates with expense management systems like Concur, which automatically sends ride info to expense accounts rather than the team snapping a photo of each ride receipt for later.

“It’s nice when at least one part of your trip is automatically put into Concur,” Dara says. “Lyft’s partnership with Concur makes it easy for us to track and expense travel.”

We’ll continue to build new solutions for travel managers like Dara that make business travel better. Visit Lyft Mobility Solutions to find more info about partnering with Lyft.

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