Philly: We've Got Your Back

Philly: We've Got Your Back

With a potential SEPTA strike on the horizon, we wanted to let you know that we’ve got your back. Lyft has invested heavily to make sure prices stay low and you can still get a Lyft ride within minutes in the event of a strike. We'll be reaching out to the driver community to make there are plenty of Lyft rides on the road.

Here's how Lyft can alleviate some of your commuting concerns:

First Things First - Have You Tried Lyft?

Get a ride in minutes using the Lyft app. A car will come right to you, and with your payment info already stored in the app, there’s no need to worry about cash. Lyft is a safe, convenient, and affordable transportation option.

New passengers can enjoy up to $50 in ride credit ($5 off of your first 10 rides) using code EASYRIDE50. Already a Lyft passenger? We’ve got you, too! Follow @Lyft_Philly on Twitter for exclusive promo codes at least once a week.

Use Lyft Line to Cut Costs

Looking to save even more? Share your ride with Lyft Line. You’ll be matched only with passengers who will be picked up for dropped off along your route, and sharing your ride can cut the cost of your Lyft by up to 50%. Your commute could cost as little as $3.70.

For months, Lyft has been committed to offering Line to all of Philadelphia. Lyft Line will continue to be available across the entire Philadelphia coverage zone as well as northern Delaware and New Jersey.  

Hack the Parking Game

Everyone knows that parking in the city is both limited and pricey. Curb the cost by using Lyft to get to or from parking options outside of the city. You’ll skip the high prices in the city and can catch up on emails en route to your office instead of dealing with a traffic headache.

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