Lyft and CDOT Partner to Improve Commuting

Lyft and CDOT Partner to Improve Commuting

To help cut traffic, improve the commuter experience, and protect local air quality, Lyft, the Colorado Department of Transportation and the High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) are proud to announce our partnership to promote ridesharing using Lyft Line.

Lyft Line is an Affordable and Convenient Way to Commute

Lyft Line is an affordable new way to ride. Share the ride with others going the same way and pay up to 45% less than original Lyft. Lyft Line can help you commute without the hassle of parking or navigating traffic. And, because you may be matched with others headed the same direction, you will increase the chances that you can take advantage of the HOV-3 lanes* (starting in 2017, you’ll need 3 or more passengers in your car to drive in the HOV lane).

Also, with fares as low as $3.50 for short rides around Denver and Boulder, Lyft Line is a great first mile/last mile option for connecting with public transit.  

The best news? Try Lyft Line on your commute between January 9th and January 13th and get 25% off two rides ($10 limit):

Driving with Lyft

Driving with Lyft can also be a great way to make a little extra money on your commute. With the destination filter, you can pick up passengers on your way to work, earning you money and improving the chances you can use the HOV-3 lane*.

You can apply to drive any time, but this December CDOT and Lyft are partnering to offer three special events where representatives from both organizations will be onsite to help answer any questions you have about commuting around Denver or Boulder. Sign up here!

*Using Lyft Line does not guarantee that you will be matched with a ride or pick up enough passengers to utilize the HOV-3 lane.  

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