Out of the Driver's Seat: Meet Denver Driver Ron

Out of the Driver's Seat: Meet Denver Driver Ron

Out of the Driver’s Seat is a monthly feature where we highlight inspiring Denver drivers and passengers in the Lyft community. This month, we sat down with Ron, one of our five-star drivers in Denver.

Ron is a life coach who drives and is a mentor for Lyft in his spare time. He's made many personal connections as a Lyft driver, and has been able to help the Denver community in many ways since he started driving in July of 2015. Ron is known by his passengers as someone who is kind, funny and willing to talk about anything. If you take a ride in Denver between 5 and 10 AM, you just might catch a ride with him. We took a ride with Ron to see what makes him tick.

What made you sign up to drive with Lyft?
“I wanted to meet new people. Most of my passengers are people I would have never met in other areas of my life. Lyft also allowed me to make my own schedule and work on my time. I get to make extra money and I love it. The flexibility allows me to spend time with my family and still work as a life coach and business mentor.”

What’s your secret? How do you get five-star ratings?
“Talking to my passengers — getting to know them and asking questions. I like to make them laugh and have a good time on my rides. I work most mornings and I’ll get a passenger who is getting off their late-night shift, then the next passenger could be going to work, so I meet a lot of different people. Getting to know them and making the end or beginning of their day makes them feel included and a part of the Lyft community.”

What advice do you have for new drivers?
“I would tell new drivers to be nice and relate to your passengers. The Lyft community is so inviting and passengers want to be a part of that. Be nice, be yourself, and make them laugh. If your passenger is having a good time, they will give you a great rating!”

What are your favorite things to do in Denver?
“Exploring the city. I love taking Lyft rides with my son and just exploring different parts of Denver. Did you know there is a small park off the 16th Street mall with free outdoor games? Bonding with my son is always great. He loves people watching and when we take Lyft downtown we're able to wander and explore all day long.”

What are your most popular drop offs?
“My most popular drop offs are the ViewHouse and Buffalo Wild Wings. People love their wings and beer. I also drop off at a lot of fun bars downtown.”

What is your favorite kind of Lyft ride to give?
“The rides that mean the most to me are when I work late nights after the bars get out and my passengers are so happy I picked them up. That late at night, most people are intoxicated and thank me over and over for picking them up and saving them from driving. It makes me feel good that I am able to help these people have a good night and get home safe.”

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