Meet Sir the Baptist, Lyft Driver Turned Hip-Hop Artist

Meet Sir the Baptist, Lyft Driver Turned Hip-Hop Artist

This week, we debuted June, a short film inspired by the drivers and passengers in the Lyft community. Featured in the film is an original song, “Movin’,” by Sir the Baptist, a rising hip-hop star who got his start driving with Lyft in Chicago.

We love hearing about drivers' diverse passions — from photography to world travel and everything in between — so we sat down with Sir to hear more about what drives him: music.

What's your first memory of music?
"It was listening to negro spirituals with my dad. [It was played] at home, in the car, camping trips — everything! It was a group called Golden Gate Quartet, and they had an amazing harmony, timing, and music."

Was that music something you appreciated as a child as well or was it something you grew into?
"I appreciated it as a child as well, it was an amazing opportunity and it was a moment for me to bond with my dad."

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?
"I listened to a lot of hip-hop. We'd sneak and listen to it. I'd listen to Jay-Z's Black Album... stuff like that.  I wasn't supposed to be listening to this music [laughs] but it [was] the only music I could relate to, topic-wise. I wasn't yet wise enough to decipher that some of the other music was talking about it in a hidden way, but I needed it a little more straight-forward."

So you had to sneak that music around your parents?
"Yeah, yeah, yeah of course! [laughs] We would sneak it in, put it under the bed, my brother would hide his under the car seat... it was almost like we were involved in something crazy but we were just listening to great music... I have 22 brothers and sisters, so all my brothers and sisters, in some sort of form, tried to get away with music."

What are you listening to right now?
"I'm just working on my album, so I'm listening to that more than anything. So I'm trying to listen to my heart to see where I am, what I want to say, what do people really need?"

Hear “Movin’” featured in June:

Learn more about Sir's life as a Lyft driver in his interview with Vibe Magazine.

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