Encouraging Youth to Speak Up for Ridesharing

Encouraging Youth to Speak Up for Ridesharing

For young Americans riddled with student debt, the cost of car ownership can be a huge burden. According to AAA, that average American pays a whopping $8,558 a year to own a car — with gas, parking, maintenance, and monthly bills adding up quickly.

This is why our mission is to reduce the need for car ownership, and why young people have been quick to embrace Lyft. Riding with Lyft gets them where they need to go without the hassle and high-cost expenses of owning a car.

And while they’ve been some of our biggest advocates — speaking out when the future of ridesharing is debated in their cities and states — too often, their voices are underrepresented.

The Association of Young Americans (AYA) has a plan to fix this, and we’re teaming up with them to help make it happen. AYA works for young people by educating them on issues that will impact their future, while also giving them the opportunity to discuss those issues with government representatives.

“For many of our members, using Lyft comes second nature when they need to get around,” said Ben Brown, CEO of AYA. “We look forward to working together to encourage young Americans to engage with their legislators about issues they care about, including expanding access to safe, affordable, and popular mobility options, such as Lyft, around the country.”

Learn more about how to get involved at JoinAYA.com.


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