Out of the Drivers Seat: Stories From Denver Driver Mark

Out of the Drivers Seat: Stories From Denver Driver Mark

Mark P. is one of Denver’s 5-star drivers. He's been driving since November 2015 and has over 2,800 rides! Mark started driving for Lyft after retiring from being a pastor. He says Lyft not only helps him explore the city he lives in, but more importantly, the people who live in it. We had a chance to sit down with Mark this holiday season and chat about two of his favorite rides.

“The ride that gave me a whole new perspective on the world”

As a huge Broncos fan, Mark has been going to games for over 34 years and even attended last year’s championship game. After the Broncos won, there was a huge parade in downtown Denver, and Mark had the itch to drive. While driving Mark picked up a man named Tom, who was blind. Tom started talking about the Broncos and how great he thought they were, and Mark told Tom he had season tickets and even had the chance to go to the Big Game this year. Tom lit up! Because of his blindness, Tom had never experienced a Bronco game like most people. He started asking all types of questions about being at a Broncos game: “How does it smell? What do the uniforms look like? Is the cheering loud? What's the inside of the stadium like?” They were questions Mark had never expected, but ones that gave him a whole new perspective on what it meant to really see the world. A year later, Mark says “that ride still sticks with me.”

“Lyft Lines can connect us all”

According to Mark, and many of our drivers, Lyft Line rides always become interesting once a few passengers get in the car. In this instance, Mark picked up two individuals. The first seemed to be in a hurry. The second was a woman who was just along for the ride and taking her time to get to her next location. After a few minutes of chatter, the car came alive with conversation. The first woman opened up and started to tell a story about her life: she was an immigrant from Afghanistan who had been in Denver for 4 years, after having left her family to come to the US to escape war and violence. She went on to say how hard it was to leave but since coming to Denver, she has been able to start teaching rock climbing to other young refugee girls that have moved to the Mile High City. Her story touched Mark, and the other passenger deeply, and he remembers it as one of his favorite rides.

Mark has tons of stories to share, and he loves hearing his passengers' tales too. If you're in Denver and are lucky enough to get Mark as your driver, you just might learn some!

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