Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Happy National Random Acts of Kindness Day! (Yep, it’s a thing.) We couldn’t think of a better holiday to celebrate with our Lyft community.

Today, we're teaming up with Bloomthat to make Random Acts of Kindness Day extra special in SF, LA and NYC. We'll surprise passengers with bright pink (of course) bouquets as a way to spread the #LyftLove. Take a ride in these three cities on February 17th, and you could be surprised with a mini bouquet!

Need suggestions on how to be kind today? Here are a few ideas to get the kindness flowing:

  • Buy your Lyft driver coffee and a donut on your way to work!

  • Cook your roommate dinner. Props to you if it’s not microwavable.

  • Send your mom flowers or a handwritten card.

  • Ask your passenger if you can play their favorite song for them. Complement their singing (even if it’s a bit pitchy).

  • Send someone you love a quick text to let them know you’re thinking about them. Kindness doesn’t have to be bold, just thoughtful!

Need more inspiration? Take a look at some of our favorite #LyftLove stories that warmed our hearts.

When Dottie broke her leg and found herself unable to drive, the Lyft family lent a helping hand while she recovered.

Chakrit drove Gary to meet his girlfriend and then volunteered to capture a photo when he proposed. Talk about a good time to have a third wheel!

Kimberly learned that her Lyft driver had recently gone through an awful divorce. Kimberly, who knew firsthand how devastating divorce can be, gave her driver her ring as a symbol of hope for the future.

Melissa’s passenger bought her a powerball ticket and promised to split the winnings 50/50 if she won.

When Lyft driver Jilson’s passenger couldn’t make it to the hospital in time to deliver her baby, he helped her deliver the little guy right in the back of his car. If that doesn’t deserve a five star rating, we don’t know what would!

Of course, some of the most meaningful acts of kindness are the “just because” moments that make your day a little brighter:

Need a little help being kind today? BloomThat is making it easy for you by giving you a 15% discount on online orders through 2/29 with code WEPINKYOU.

What are you doing to spread the #LyftLove? Let us know on Twitter, and we’ll share our favorites.

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