Lyft and the Big Game

Lyft and the Big Game

What a week! The giant beer trucks are retreating and the streets of SF are calming down, but chatter about the big game continues, so we’re still celebrating all of the fun from last week here at Lyft HQ. Here's what we were up to. 

We sent Jerry Rice undercover to surprise a few Bay Area passengers...and NO ONE recognized him. Maybe his dance moves threw people off. Or maybe it was the beard?  

You can check out the full video here.

We also gave away four sets of tickets to the game on Sunday. Congratulations again Kim, Milan, John, and Lucy! We’re pretty jealous that you got to see Beyonce, Chris Martin, and Bruno Mars in person.

John, a 49ers fan who still wasn’t quite sure who he wanted to root for, brought his girlfriend as his plus one and snapped a few photos of their jaunt to San Jose for us.

Looks like such a blast! We hope everyone enjoyed the festivities as much as we did.

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