Lyftie Award Winner Spotlight: Five Points Pizza

Lyftie Award Winner Spotlight: Five Points Pizza

Few things get us more excited around the Lyft Nashville office than pizza, and apparently the entire city of Nashville agrees. At the end of 2015 we crowned the most-visited spots in the country in our  Lyftie Awards, and the one and only Five Points Pizza in East Nashville won the award for the city’s Most-Visited Restaurant.

To celebrate this honor, we asked Five Points Pizza Co-Owner David Tieman for three unique reasons Five Points Pizza has the best pizza in town:

1.  We care a whole lot about the happiness of our staff, and happy people make pretty food.

2. We use old-school, tried and true recipes straight from NYC.

3. We use only the freshest and best ingredients available, and food quality is our number one priority.  

After you’ve had a slice of their NY-style pizza, you won’t have any trouble seeing why Five Points won the Lyftie Award. What’s that? You’ve never had Five Points? You’re in luck: to celebrate,  Lyft is partnering with Five Points Pizza to give away free pizza on Thursday, March 3rd from 11 PM to 1 AM!

Simply swing by their late-night pizza window and show the Lyft app on your phone (or download it and sign up on the spot) to get your free slice of pizza. Offer is good for the first 300 people. Get a ride with Lyft to the event and you can save 15 percent off rides to or from Five Points Pizza with code FPP15.

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