An Old School Thank You

An Old School Thank You

We love hearing stories about Lyft drivers returning lost items found in their cars, because it is a great example of the mutual kindness and respect in our community. To show his appreciation for having his hat returned, one passenger gave his driver, Paul, a handwritten thank you note.

We caught up with Paul this week to get all the deets:

1. When did you start driving with Lyft?

I have been a Lyft driver since 8:34 PM on February 26th, 2016 (I still have the "You're approved, go drive!" text). I started driving as a way to fill my weekends with something productive that I can choose to do when I wish. Before that I was going through a breakup; I was in no mood to date or go out, so I thought I might as well make money and have fun doing it!

2. When did you share a ride with Prana? Where was he heading?

When I picked up Prana, he was about my 4th or so pickup of the morning. He was off to do a presentation for his work. Like plenty of passengers I pick up in the morning, he was running behind, and I could tell he was a bit flustered. I was trying hard to get him there in time for his 8:30 AM presentation.

3. What did you two chat about?

We talked about his job a bit, and since we are both college students in different business disciplines, we talked about that as well. He seemed impressed that I have two jobs and I find time to study as well.

4. When did you realize that Prana left his hat?

At first I didn't even notice the Bronco's hat in the back of my car. After I dropped off the rider after Prana, Lyft alerted me that he may have left his hat in my car. I instantly turned off driver mode, and texted him that I found it and could drive back in about 10-15 minutes.

5. When did you get the thank you note?

I gave him his hat, and he handed me the thank you card right then and there. Reading it brought a smile to my face. To take the time to handwrite the letter instead of submitting a comment anonymously through the app? I can feel the love. The card to this day still has real estate on my fridge.

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