Goodbye car, Hello LYFT!

Goodbye car, Hello LYFT!

Day 5 (Thursday): I snagged my Lyft Line this morning AND THERE WAS A MATCH! When I noticed my driver Thomas getting off a few exits early to pick up a second passenger, I got excited because I hadn’t been in a matched Lyft Line ride before Atlanta!

…And then the excitement was short-lived because I looked at my watch and realized I was going to be a few minutes late to my meeting. Lesson learned for next time - leave the extra time if you take a Line, because you may end up needing it!

Classic rides (new/total): 1/1

Line rides: 3/9

$ spend: $20.83/$68.51

Day 6 (Friday): Today was a bit atypical – my mom is in town (Happy early Mother’s Day, moms!), and the kids don’t have school, so we did some shuffling of activities and I didn’t end up taking a lot of rides as I was able to work from home.

Day 7-8 (Weekend): Mother’s Day – mom in town, and we were shuttling about in one car. Didn’t end up taking a Lyft while she was here, but we were cozy sitting 3 adults and 2 kids in the Volvo wagon heading to the pool and Church!

Day 9 (Monday): I said goodbye to my mom this morning and put her in a Lyft (ladies first!) to the airport. Later that morning, I was cracking up when she called me to sing effusive praise of her driver, Christian, who was from Nigeria – she said they talked current events and politics, and had a wonderful time. Christian, if you’re reading: thank you for your courtesy, conversation, and patience (!) getting my mom to her flight.

When I was (of course) running late to get to the office, I realized I couldn’t afford to “risk” getting matched on a Line ride, so I opted for a classic Lyft instead – I guess I didn’t really appreciate the tradeoff of price and time by selecting Line instead of Classic until I got matched last week. That won’t happen again – if time is of the essence, go with Classic.

Classic rides (new/total): 2/3

Line rides: 0/9

$ spend: $20.50/$89.01

Day 10 (Tuesday): My AM driver Phil had just taken a job with Coca-Cola in sales, so we talked about the company and the importance of field sales roles. He’ll be moving to SC – big baseball fan – in a few weeks. Once he starts his new job, he’s going to step away from driving, at least until he sees if he has the extra time. So cool that two of the drivers already this month are pursuing exciting endeavors!

Taking stock after 10 days, here’s a quick synopsis of key lessons so far:

1)    Keep the phone charged! I may still invest in an extra battery pack as a backstop.

2)    Check ETAs at least 15 minutes before needing to be picked up; usually only 5-7 minutes are required, but be safe

3)    Line is a great option to save some money – but leave extra time in case you get matched! If you’re in a rush, don’t get cute – stick to classic ;)

Classic rides (new/total): 2/5

Line rides: 0/9

$ spend: $17.50/$106.51

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