Neighborhood Spotlight: Bridgeport – The Neighborhood of the Future

Neighborhood Spotlight: Bridgeport – The Neighborhood of the Future

Bridgeport has fast become one of the hippest neighborhoods in Chicago, boasting a flourishing arts, restaurant and entertainment scene. It’s also one of the most diverse in Chicago.

Originally settled by working-class Irish-American’s arriving to build the Illinois and Michigan Canal, this neighborhood has turned out no less than five of Chicago’s mayors.  

Pretty impressive for a little neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Even more impressive is one of it’s most famous locals (outside of all the Mayor’s of course), Ed Marszewski. He’s the co-founder of several businesses in the neighborhood, all worth listening or going to.

Marz Brewing Company – this is a small batch, artisanal brewery. They’re a mix of home and professional brewers, along with designers and artists making great beer for their community. 

Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar, has been operating in Bridgeport since 1986 as a classic slashie – half liquor store, half neighborhood tavern. It’s called Maria’s after Mrs. Marszewski, who handed it over to her sons, Ed and Mike, who now manage it.

Lastly, be sure to listen to and read Lumpen. They’ve just started a small, non-profit radio station in Bridgeport focused on neighborhood topics.

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