Goodbye Car, Hello Lyft!

Goodbye Car, Hello Lyft!

Our Lyft General Manager in Atlanta pledged to get around the city without his car for a full month and ride with Lyft instead. He’s blogging about the entire experience, and at the end of the month he will provide an overview of the good, the bad and the hilarious and reveal the cost difference.

Things you should know before we get started. Sam is married with two small children, two cars and a very busy schedule.

Day 1 (Sunday): First big shared task was to clean up the new “shared car” – which has 3 car seats and roughly a  small country’s worth of snack wrappers, broken cheerios, and applesauce pouch tops.  But, we got it cleaned up and took it to bring our daughter to her drama recital. I wonder, now that we’re going to be sharing one car, will it stay cleaner, or get dirtier faster? Probably the latter.

Classic rides (new/total): 0/0

Line rides: (new/total) 0/0

$ spend: (new/total) 0/0

Day 2 (Monday): Now the real experiment begins. Mondays are chaos. Whatever momentary peace settles over our house on Sundays when  schedules aren’t crazy, evaporates when lunches are getting packed, our dog is breaking through our back fence into the neighbor’s yard, and the two year old acts like his favorite t‐shirt is now poisonous to the skin. Against this backdrop, I found myself nervously checking the ETAs for my Lyft to work, where I had a hard commitment at 9AM. Will taking Lyft to work daily make life more or less stressful?

Around 3PM I realized I hadn’t actually packed my power cord for my phone which puts a new sense of urgency behind staying charged. It’s one thing if your phone dies and you just charge it when you get home, it’s  another facing the prospect of having to “hack” your way into a ride home because your phone dies.

Classic rides (new/total): 0/0

Line rides (new/total): 2/2

$ spend (new/total): $14.34/$14.34

Day 3 (Tuesday): Realizing that popping by the gym without a car adds an interesting new wrinkle to the day. It also adds another incentive to sleep another 30 minutes rather than hitting the gym in the AM. However, more toddler shenanigans ensued and I did not in fact workout this morning. I blame my son.

Classic rides (new/total): 0/0

Line rides (new/total): 2/4

$ spend (new/total): $14.34/$26.34

Day 4 (Wednesday): I made it! I actually escaped the house early without waking up any small children and went to the gym for a workout. Also, I'm beginning to collect driver stories, which are fascinating. One of the drivers today is a school teacher, and heading to Abu Dhabi for 3 years in July!

Classic rides (new/total): 1/1

Line rides (new/total): 2/6

$ spend (new/total): $21.34/$47.68

Stay tuned for next week's installment! 

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