A Story of Drivers, Donuts, and “I Dos”

A Story of Drivers, Donuts, and “I Dos”

When Chicago resident Heath became a Lyft driver back in July 2013, his reason for signing up was simple: he wanted some extra cash. He never imagined that three years and thousands of rides later, he’d be saying his vows to his husband in a room surrounded by friends — friends he met while driving with Lyft.

Back in Lyft’s early days, it wasn’t a 24/7 service, and Heath says that’s where it all began. “When Lyft would shut down at night, all the drivers would meet up for breakfast at different locations. I can’t remember what we called it. Something like ‘the Vampire Breakfast.’ We’d also meet up at different Dunkin’ Donuts and enjoy coffee, donuts, and good times. I sure ate a lot of donuts back then!”

He quickly grew close with the other Chicago drivers and became involved in whatever events he could. “I used to frequent the meetups like Taco Tuesday at El Patron and get-togethers at Marcus’s Fish Fry. I street teamed with drivers at Lollapalooza, Riot Fest, just about every event. I was also the photographer for Lyft Chicago’s one-year anniversary birthday bash. I became a mentor. All in all, if there’s something a Lyft driver can be a part of, I’ve done it.”

This March, Heath married Seth, the love of his life, and the whole driver squad was there. A few drivers were even in the wedding party. Congratulations, Heath and Seth! We hope your future is filled with more love, memories and donuts.

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Photo courtesy of Gokhan Cukurova.

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