Lyft × CHRGR

Lyft × CHRGR

There's nothing worse than being out and realizing that your phone is about to die. On the one hand, you wish you didn't rely on it so much, but on the other... you need a charge! Starting June 30th, Lyft will be offering free phone chargers at top venues in NYC as part of a new partnership with CHRGR. New riders will receive $20 off their first ride when they use code CHRGR.

Bartenders and waitstaff will have more than 5,000 CHRGR devices available for use at nearly 200 nightlife destinations throughout the East Village, Murray Hill, and Williamsburg. The sleek, pink, credit card-sized chargers are compatible with iPhone and Android.

Having a CHRGR means you won't have to worry about running out of juice before you request a Lyft ride home for the night. Keep an eye out at participating bars and clubs, including Webster Hall, Donna, and Hotel Chantelle.

Party Hard. Charge up. Ride safely.

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