The Great Rideshare Challenge Finale

The Great Rideshare Challenge Finale

Days 21-22: Rain, rain, go away. We drove ourselves to the Aquarium, one of our favorite family activities when the weather isn’t great. Every trip we have a great time…until the very end when we have to exit through the gift shop. I wish I could have a long, stern talk with whoever made that design recommendation – it’s always a tradeoff decision between shelling out for another aquatic stuffed animal or two crying kids from the exits to the time we get back home (and beyond.)

Classic rides (new/total): 0/14

Line rides: 0/19

$ spend: $0/$270.29

Day 23: My AM driver had a lot of ideas about what Lyft should do to grow the business in Atlanta. What started out as a conversation, ended with me taking notes just to keep up. Dorian, if you’re reading – about half of what you’d recommended is already in the works, so stay tuned!

My afternoon ride was an unmatched line ride, and one where I spent most of the drive on my phone playing email catch up. I was able to squeeze in all the urgent replies just in time to roll into the driveway. Good timing too, as it was my turn to cook that night for the family and I was running late…hungry kids are angry kids.

Classic rides (new/total): 1/15

Line rides: 1/20

$ spend: $14.75/$285.04

Day 24: Today was a busy day, with a lot of Lyft rides. My morning appointment was downtown, and I left early with a Line request. I was paired with a High School senior (in cap and gown!) on his way to graduation. Congratulations to Jamal and the rest of the North Atlanta graduating Class of 2016!

I then went to a Lyft driver community event we hosted – it was fun to meet face-to-face with some of our newest and most experienced drivers. And to break the ice with a game of “celebrity” (the one where you get a nametag on your back with a celeb’s name on it, and then have to ask yes/no questions until you determine who you are.)

My question path went like this: Am I alive? Yes. A woman? Yes. An actress? Yes. Brunette? No. Older than 40? Not sure. Younger than 30? No. Have I been arrested? Yes. Am I Reese Witherspoon???! Yes!!! (nailed it)

Classic rides (new/total): 2/17

Line rides: 2/22

$ spend: $37.99/$323.03

Day 25: Yesterday was a busy day, and so was today – my AM driver offered me the option of “American music” or “Indian music”. Intrigued, I chose the latter and was not disappointed – definitely not my standard morning mix of NPR and/or Top 40!

With two more rides this day, my two day total came to 7 rides (and almost $60) – I would definitely seek to minimize the number of times I was having to make those multiple trip days.

Classic rides (new/total): 1/18

Line rides: 2/24

$ spend: $21.75/$344.78

Day 26-30: The last two workdays of the trial period, I was able to snag a few rides with colleagues, but still took a Lyft for the last morning in. I was trying to get ahead of a few extra items because I was taking a long weekend off (including a vacation day Friday!) to attend a good friend’s wedding in Baltimore. My ride to the airport was very quick and easy, and then my Lyft in Baltimore to our AirBnB was very courteous. He was excited to talk about his experience with Lyft in Baltimore and was very excited to see the business grow there – he even waited while we picked up some waters and other drinks en route. He represented a very enthusiastic “capstone” ride for the 30-day experiment of giving up my car!

Classic rides (new/total): 3/21

Line rides: 0/24

$ spend: $76.62/$421.40

In my last entry, I’ll do some cost comparison, reflect on the whole experience, and talk about what happens next. Stay tuned!

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