Your Guide To The Top LA Pride 2016 Events

Your Guide To The Top LA Pride 2016 Events

LA Pride is finally here! We couldn't be more excited to kick this month into high gear as we celebrate with millions across our great city. Here at Lyft, we have four core values: "Be Yourself," "Uplift Others," "Create Fearlessly," and "Make It Happen." The Pride tradition could not embody these values more, which is why we want to help spread the love and create meaningful connections during this special time of year.

There is a lot going on throughout June to commemorate the passion of Pride. We've kept our ears to the ground and wanted to share the most noteworthy events this month. In no particular order, here they are:

All Weekend Long @ The Abbey

The Abbey is sure to be the epicenter of gay Pride partying this weekend. This incredible gothic-style, indoor/outdoor bar won the first-ever Lyftie Award for "Most Visited Bar In America by Lyft Passengers" — for good reason. This year, it's celebrating its 25th anniversary, which will be capped with a blowout Pride weekend of revelry including great parties on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Make sure you finagle your way into at least one of these! Big sponsors, great DJs & new friends await.

Cover: $20

It Gets Better, A Poolside Pride Celebration @ The Standard, Hollywood

Founded in 2010, the It Gets Better Project uses all forms of media to reach LGBT youth worldwide in order to provide critical support and hope that life indeed gets better. To date, the organization has more than 60,000 videos and support from thousands of influential individuals including President Obama! This year, for the first time ever, It Gets Better is partnering with The Standard Hollywood on Saturday, June 11th from 1 PM to 5 PM for an awesome poolside Pride shindig that aims to both be fun and make a difference. Have a great time knowing your dollars go towards a remarkable cause.

Tickets: HERE

BUMP @ AKBAR Silverlake

Fancy a celebration away from the masses? Look no further than AKBAR in Silverlake this Friday. This retro hangout is basically a mullet — serious dancing up front and a whole lot of fun in the back, from comedy to open-mic to queer history nights and more. BUMP is a monthly dance party that happens every second Friday, which coincidently this month is over Pride weekend. You can expect go-go dancers, 90's house music and a unique, memorable experience.

Cover: $5

Dyke Day LA @ Elysian Park

For a more mellow, family-friendly hangout before a big night out (or after a big night out), head to Elysian Park this Saturday from 12 PM - 6 PM for DDLA. This event represents a space for folks of all backgrounds to make connections and interact with community organizations in celebration of LGBTs across LA. There will be DJs, arts & crafts for kids, and a relaxing environment for all. Trans-welcome and sponsor free, the event relies solely on funds raised from the community.

All Weekend Long @ Precinct DTLA

In contrast to the glitz of The Abbey comes the glam of Precinct. This is LA's hottest rock & roll gay bar right now with leather, lace & bears. This weekend, Precinct in DTLA will be huge with major soirees on both Friday and Saturday. Not to be outdone, they'll cap it with a Sunday party not to be missed. The space is a monstrous 8,500 square feet, so if you play your cards right you shouldn't have a problem joining in the chaos.

Friday Tickets: HERE


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