You Never Know who You'll Meet in Your Lyft

You Never Know who You'll Meet in Your Lyft

Hi! I'm Sam, Atlanta's General Manager. A few weeks ago, I decided to take on a car-less challenge and get around Atlanta with Lyft. As my month long experiment without a car continues, the incredible stories I hear from Lyft drivers never ceases to amaze me

Day 11: A familiar face showed up as my Lyft driver! Cassandra and I had already met on an airport dropoff ride a month or so ago – so we actually got to “catch up”, which was pretty cool. I selected Classic this AM as well, but this was less about time saved and more about the discount – I realized I wasn’t going to save that much off of a Classic ride, and the 10% discount and risk of being matched (and potentially late) wasn’t worth it this AM. I’m definitely starting to internalize the different options in a more thoughtful manner. Am I more interested in saving time or money?

Classic rides (new/total): 2/7

Line rides: 1/10

$ spend: $41.56/$148.07

Day 12: My afternoon line ride today was a matched ride. The other passenger in the car was part of the family who founded a resort property in Southwest GA that I’d visited during a corporate event a few years prior. I gave him an extra cuddlestache, and he was very grateful, even though he confessed to not knowing what it’s supposed to do. I confessed the same, but explained both my daughter and my dogs seem to love them. He had a dog, so he said he’d give that a try.

Classic rides (new/total): 1/8

Line rides: 1/11

$ spend: $16.75/$164.82

Day 13: Another successful escape from the household early morning, and another workout with the sun rising before the temperatures get too crazy – one of my favorite things about ATL late spring. My driver was listening to Howard Stern – and I have to say, I hadn’t heard Howard in a while – but his shtick was pretty much as I remembered it from several years prior. My second driver spent a few years in San Antonio before moving back to Atlanta and he said it was in part because San Antonio was too hot. So I guess I’ll try to remember that when my cool mornings disappear as we head into summer – it’s always hotter somewhere else.

Classic rides (new/total): 1/9

Line rides: 1/12

$ spend: $15.75/$180.57

Day 14-15Family weekend – beautiful weather brought us to the bike path for a jog/bike/stroller route, and a bunch of time at the playground. We took the car around (which, by the way is still surprisingly clean) on a few short trips, but stayed pretty close to the neighborhood on Saturday.

Sunday afternoon we took a Lyft ride to the Shaky Knees concert to enjoy some more good weather and music – including phenomenal performances from Head and the Heart and Florence and the Machine.

Classic rides (new/total): 1/10

Line rides: 0/12

$ spend: $10.05/$190.62

Day 16: My morning driver Aniedi was recovering from a soccer injury the day before – he had to head into the doctor in the afternoon to get his shoulder x-rayed. Hope he was OK – he was a HUGE soccer fan, and talked passionately about his team and how close they were to winning the club league championship. In the afternoon, my ride home was with Jarrett, who is a freelance photographer. He was telling me stories about doing catalog shoots, and the difference between professional models and trying to satisfy brides when he’s done weddings. The money is better on the latter, but he much prefers the more straightforward, less emotional shoots with professionals.

Classic rides (new/total): 1/11

Line rides: 1/13

$ spend: $15.75/$206.37

Thoughts from the halfway point of my 30-day experiment:

1)    I’m definitely on-track to spend more “visible” dollars this month on Lyft rides than I would driving my own car (gas, insurance, parking), but once I factor in maintenance and depreciation, I doubt the difference will be too great.

2)    I love having the option of talking to someone OR using my en route time to work on emails or catch up on articles on my phone. The option value on that time has been great!

Stay tuned for the remainder of my car-less adventures in Atlanta! 

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