Meet Band Future Thieves: Rockers, Lyft Drivers

Meet Band Future Thieves: Rockers, Lyft Drivers

A common misconception about Nashville is that it’s all about country music. There was a time when that may have been true, but now musicians from every corner of the globe — playing and enjoying every genre of music — have come to refer to Nashville as Music City.

With such a large portion of Nashville’s population focused on curating their music career, many of them find being a Lyft driver the perfect way to earn extra income around touring, playing gigs, and mastering their craft.

Three years ago Eliot Collett, the lead singer of the up and coming alternative rock band Future Thieves became a Lyft driver. He enjoyed the experience so much he mentioned it to his lead guitarist, Austin McCool, and bassist, Nick Goss, and they began driving too. They love the flexibility of driving with Lyft when they're not on tour, and enjoy the people they meet when they're driving. “Lyft is great because it accommodates our schedules, and when we're driving we're having a good time meeting other fellow musicians, people in the industry, and sometimes even people that listen to our music which is really cool,” Nick says.

Future Thieves has played major festivals around the country including Forecastle Fest and Bonnaroo Music Festival. They tour several times a year all over the country and they take their trusty tour van when they go on the road. Coincidentally, it's the same van that Austin uses when driving with Lyft. “It's perfect for driving,” Austin says, “Most people who get in know it’s a tour van because we are in Nashville, so it’s a great way to start a conversation about music.”  The best part about the van is that it seats six and is super easy for passengers to get in and out of. “People love it!” Nick says.

If you're catching a Lyft ride in Nashville, keep your eyes peeled for the Future Thieves tour van. You can also check out their music on Spotify. The band will be touring all through the summer and fall, including a stop at Forecastle Music Festival in Louisville, and will be writing their second full-length record to be released next year.

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