Chicago's 5 Best Hot Dogs

Chicago's 5 Best Hot Dogs

Happy National Hot Dog Day! In honor of this delicious day, we've hand-picked the top 5 best places in Chicago. Take a look and go get yourself a tasty dog (or two!).

1. Portillo's Hot Dogs: Portillo's specializes in serving Chicago-style food, and their hot dogs are a local staple.

2. U.B. Dogs: Known for their Chicago Dog, Joey Dog, and Double Dog, any choice you make at U.B. Dogs will be a good one.

3. Downtown Dogs: Enjoy their special Polish dog with fries. Yum!

4. Jimmy's Red Hots: Family-owned for three generations, they have their recipe down to a science.

5. Jim's Original: This place was started over 70 years ago, and when it comes to a Polish Sausage Sandwich, they know what they're doing.

Enjoy your lunch, we know we will!

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