Summer on the Water in Chicago

Summer on the Water in Chicago

Loving the summer sun? In Chicago, you don't have to travel far to get the full beach experience. Check out these 11 ways to enjoy the city on the water:

  1. Rent a pontoon boat. Grab 9 friends and relax on the water in a pontoon boat for the day.

  2. Rent a jet ski. Hop on a jet ski and ride the waves for the day.

  3. Take a water taxi to Chinatown. Journey down the Chicago River on a water taxi to see the city in a brand new light.

  4. Rent a boat with friends. Whether on a tour or viewing the skyline from a boat at night, check out Chicago Boat Rentals to enjoy a night out on the water with your friends.

  5. Enjoy a pirate-themed tour of Lake Michigan. Ever been on a pirate ship? Now's your chance! This unique tour leaves from Navy Pier each day.

  6. Take an architecture tour. Learn about the famous buildings of Chicago, including along the ever-changing Riverwalk. Architecture buffs and newbies all welcome!

  7. Rent a stand-up paddle board. Challenge yourself by renting a paddle board on Lake Michigan.

  8. Try a Flyboard. View the waters from above.

  9. Take a speedboat ride on the lake. Look out at the city in fast-forward! Seadog Cruises is one of the most popular attractions at Navy Pier.

  10. Learn to sail. Get certified from the American Sailing Association with classes from Seabreeze.

  11. Dive with Windy City Diving. Explore the waters of Lake Michigan and swim through some of the oldest shipwrecks around. 

Now go soak up the sun!

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