Airbnb x Lyft

Airbnb x Lyft

You’ve probably traveled on Airbnb — ever thought about becoming a host? You should. You might be a great host if...

1. You love to travel.
Planning a dream trip? A lot of Airbnb hosts use the extra money they make sharing their space to fund adventures of their own. Bonus perk: hosts get to meet interesting travelers from all over the world and learn about other cultures. It’s like a mini-vacation.

2. You love your 'hood.
It’s hard to watch someone come to your city and hit up nothing but the big tourist traps or rely on fast-food chains for meals, right? You know what makes your neighborhood great — the coolest shopping, the prettiest park, the strongest coffee. Hosting lets you share those local faves with guests. It feels pretty good to help someone have an awesome trip.

3. You love that café down the street.
Those local recs you give don’t just help travelers. They help support local businesses, too.

4. You have a spare room.
Or a couch. You’ve probably seen some amazing Airbnb treehouses or castles on Pinterest on Instagram — but you don’t need one to be a good host. Travelers search on Airbnb for all kinds of listings. Take a look at some of the listings near you and find out what hosts in your area make.

5. You live in Seattle, Denver, or San Diego.
Lyft passengers in these cities, you’ve lucked out. If you start hosting between now and September 30, you’re eligible for a special limited-time promotion. You’ll earn money as a host, plus get a cool $200 in cash and $100 in Lyft credit.*

*Must be a new host and complete first booking by 9/30/16. See for details.

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