Lyft at College in D.C.

Lyft at College in D.C.

One of the main questions new college students have is how they’re going to get around in their new city. Howard University senior Jaleel B. has been using Lyft since his freshman year. As he enters his fourth year at the university, we asked him how he felt Lyft made a difference in the college experience for him and his friends.

"I had no means of transportation outside of the city metro system," Jaleel says of his freshman year. "I got tired of having to walk to get to a metro stop and rushing to make sure I was back home before the Metro closed." As Jaleel was looking for a solution, Lyft was gaining popularity on campus and some friends showed him how easy it was to get around using the app. "It changed our college experience immediately," he says. "It was easier to go shopping, go sightseeing, or just around the city to hang out."

After Jaleel's freshman year, more of his friends started to drive but he still found himself using Lyft quite frequently. "As a college student, sometimes it can be more trouble trying to drive yourself around. So my friends and I usually take Lyft to and from parties or bars to be safe." And now? "I'm really not sure what I would do without it!”

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