Neighborhood Spotlight: East Village

Neighborhood Spotlight: East Village

This month we're all about the East Village! With the weather cooling down and an endless supply of things to do, you'll never be bored here. Not sure where to start? Here are our top spots to explore:

1. The Museum of the American Gangster. This is great place for the history buffs who want to learn more about the prohibition era and how Al Capone rose to fame. You'll be traveling back in time in this historic speakeasy.

2. Upright Citizens Brigade Theater East. Founded by some of your favorite comedians, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Matt Besser, and Matt Walsh, this is the place to head to for laughs and drinks. With plenty of shows packed every day, this is a great place to spend your weekend or after hours on a weekday. The best part? A handful of shows every week are free.

3. Momofuku Milk Bar. Need sweets to keep you going through the day? This popular spot in the East Village is your go-to for cereal-flavored ice cream, compost cookies, birthday cake truffles. Their desserts will make you come back for more.

4. Barcade St. Marks. Old school arcade games meets craft beer. This bar is a great place for some to re-live the good old days of playing Pac-Man or Street Fighter for hours on end. With all types of craft beer on the side, what's there to complain about?

5. Russian & Turkish Baths. If you need a place to relax but can't find time to leave the city, head to the Russian & Turkish Bath House in the East Village. This spa facility have been helping people relax since 1892! With saunas, steam rooms, and ice plunges available, you can spend the whole day here.

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