East Nashville Tomato Art Festival

East Nashville Tomato Art Festival

As Nashville grows, East Nashville is becoming a unique hotbed of artisans, musicians, and creatives of all kinds. They all flock to this neighborhood, rich with eccentricities, hipster beards and all the craft beer your heart desires.

The 13th Annual Tomato Art Festival is the perfect celebration of all of the inhabitants of this fantastic neighborhood. Being neither “fruit nor vegetable” the tomato has become the perfect mascot of East Nashville.

Since 2004, the community has come together for this annual festival to celebrate all the art, music, and peculiarity this neighborhood has to offer. Now in its 13th year, the festival has grown to expect over 60,000 people and become the signature event of the year for East Nashville.

With the festival just around the corner — August 12th and 13th — plan to indulge in common festival staples like drinks, food, and free music as well as very tomato specific activities like a red-head contest, a giant ice cream sundae extravaganza, and even a tomato fairy/elf contest!

Needless to say, the Tomato Art Festival is all the things we love about being a part of #LyftNashville. The festival is free and if you would like to win some V.I.T (Very Important Tomato) Tickets be sure to follow @LyftNashville on Twitter and watch for our giveaway later this week.

Need a ride to the festival? New passengers can get $10 off their first 2 rides and existing passengers can get 30% off one ride to or from the festival by clicking the buttons below.



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