Washington Hikes Not to Miss This Summer

Washington Hikes Not to Miss This Summer

When you're surrounded by evergreen forest, it's pretty impossible to resist the lure of hiking these beautiful mountains. Whether you live in the Seattle area or are just visiting, spending the summer outdoors is a must. Before you head to your favorite go-to spot, check out some of these prestigious Washington hikes and pencil them into your weekend bucket list! 

Mt. Ellinor

Location: Olympic Peninsula - Hood Canal
Length: 6.2 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 3300 ft.
Highest Point: 5944 ft. 
Rating: Difficult

If you're looking for a steep challenge the entire way up, this is the hike for you. The view alone is quite the reward and it's common to spot some mountain goats up there, too!

Hannegan Pass and Peak

Location: North Cascades - Mount Baker Area
Length: 10.4 miles, roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 3100 ft.
Highest Point: 6200 ft.
Rating: Moderate

This hike starts off gradual giving you plenty of time to warm up for the steeper half of the hike. The first part of the hike will surround you with the valley and ridge, but the don't let this be good enough for you. The real jaw-dropping location is at the peak. 

Gothic Basin

Location: North Cascades - Mountain Loop Highway
Length: 9.2 miles, roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 2840 ft.
Highest Point: 5200 ft.
Rating: Difficult

This hike can be both a day hike or an overnight camping trip. The views are breathtaking as you see wildflowers surrounding you with the peaks of Monte Cristo area off to your left. This is one of those trails that will test your physical and mental abilities, but if you get through it, the views become more and more spectacular the higher you are!

Kendall Katwalk

Location: Snoqualmie Region - Snoqualmie Pass
Length: 12.0 miles, roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 2600 ft.
Highest Point: 5400 ft.
Rating: Easy/Moderate

If you're looking to change it up from the typical straight-up hike, Kendall Katwalk is a great option. This ridge has no specific peak, but a gradual incline over a longer distance. You'll be surrounded by forest and mountains the entire journey.

Mount Pilchuck

Location: North Cascades - Mountain Loop Highway
Length: 5.4 miles, roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 2300 ft.
Highest Point: 5327 ft.
Rating: Moderate/Difficult

This is a favorite among Washington hikers. It starts off easy and gradually gets more challenging. The last mile will leave you scrambling and climbing to get to the top. Once you reach the peak, you will understand instantly why this hike holds its popularity. Do not miss out on making it to the famous lookout! 

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