Lyft Launches Free Rides for Centennial Commuters

Lyft Launches Free Rides for Centennial Commuters

Lyft is proud to join the City of Centennial, CO as a partner in their new Go Centennial Pilot, a groundbreaking partnership that will make it easier than ever for all residents to get to and from public transportation.

Using the code GOCENTENNIAL, travelers can take a free Lyft Line ride from to or from the Dry Creek Light Rail Station in Centennial, Colorado. New Lyft users can also download the app and redeem the code. To be eligible, rides must be on Lyft Line during commute hours: 5:30 AM-7 PM, Monday through Friday.

Rides can also be requested in the Go Denver app, powered by Xerox, which can be used to plan and book a trip across different modes of transportation. "Lyft is setting a new standard for integrating with cities to solve the first and last mile problem and drive higher usage of public transit," said David Cummins, senior vice president, Mobility Solutions, Xerox.

Our collaboration will improve public transit access in a suburban part of Denver by filling the gap between a passenger’s home and the light rail station. By subsidizing Lyft Line rides for passengers, the city is providing an affordable alternative to driving alone, and bringing transit within reach of everyone.  

“Lyft is committed to working with cities and transit to be a first and last mile transportation solution, which is why we were thrilled to partner with Centennial to offer free Lyft rides to and from the Dry Creek light rail station,” said Lyft General Manager Gabe Cohen. “This pilot is the first of its kind in the nation, and we expect many other cities in Colorado and across the country to follow the innovative leadership of the City of Centennial.”

“Go Centennial aims to help people who choose not to drive a car,” said Centennial Mayor Cathy Noon. “It delivers on the promise of urban mobility by making it easier to use mass transit and ridesharing services. This pilot will help solve the first and last mile challenge of taking transit, and our citizens will be able to conveniently get from point A to point B.”

Our partnership marks the first time a city has fully subsidized ridesharing for commuters, which makes the program accessible for users of all income levels and abilities. We worked hard with the city to create a partnership that demonstrates our commitment to making Lyft a truly inclusive service. To this end, we’ve enabled telephone-based booking to make the service available to people who don’t own a smartphone.

We’ve also partnered with Via Mobility to bring accessible vehicles onto the platform. By enabling the Lyft Access Mode, passengers who need an accessible ride will be able to request a vehicle with a ramp.

If you are need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle, check out these easy steps.


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