The 5 Lyft Rides You'll Take in College

The 5 Lyft Rides You'll Take in College

Whether you can’t wait to get back to school or you’re holding on tight to the last days of summer, we’re here to make it all a little easier. Here are the five types of Lyft rides you’ll most definitely take on campus this year.

1. The Walmart ride. College can be stressful. Trying to ride the bus with an armful of plastic storage drawers will make it exponentially more so. Trust us.

2. The rainy day ride. Snow. Heat waves. Rain. You can’t predict the weather, but you can warm up, cool down, or stay dry in a Lyft ride. Nobody likes a soggy lab partner.

3. The snooze button ride. Unfortunately, 8:00 AM lectures are a thing. Thankfully, last-minute, door-to-door Lyft rides are too. Enjoy the extra few minutes of z’s and still make it to class on time.

4. The after-party ride. Coming home from a night out? Be safe and let us do the driving. Not to mention sometimes heels — or that fabulous bedsheet toga you threw together in fifteen minutes — are just not made for walking.

5. The munchies ride. It’s midnight and you’re finally leaving the library. Your stomach growls. Two words: drive. Thru.

Wishing you a happy back-to-school season!

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