Lyft Las Vegas Turns One

Lyft Las Vegas Turns One

This month is Lyft's one-year anniversary in Las Vegas, and we're saying thank you to drivers and the local community. This Thursday evening at Brooklyn Bowl, we'll be ringing in our first birthday with everyone from drivers to passengers, ambassadors to city partners, and many more.

In year one our city team has:

  • Provided millions of safe rides

  • Enabled thousands of drivers to earn extra income

  • Helped reduce the occurrence of DUIs

  • Built a community of drivers that is nearly ⅓ female

  • Partnered with numerous community groups to help hundreds of people get to kidney dialysis, support the local arts, raise money for charities and more   

“Since launching a year ago, Lyft’s presence in Vegas has grown tremendously,” says Lyft Las Vegas General Manager, Yacob Girma. “In the last six months alone, we’ve more than tripled rides, grown our driver base by 2.8 times, and our passenger base by 2.5 times. As we look back at the major milestones accomplished over the last year, we’d like to thank our community of drivers for providing safe, reliable rides to the many tourists and locals that travel through Vegas every day. Looking ahead as we celebrate our official one year anniversary, we’re excited to continue this rapid growth and momentum into the future.”

To mark our one year anniversary, we polled our driver community with a simple question, “Why do you Lyft?" Here are some of their stories:

“I Lyft because I'm part of a movement, a movement that says we’re in this together for the greater good! I started driving to make ends meet, now I find myself driving more to make friends out of strangers and to help make people's Vegas experience more enjoyable, one ride at a time.”
- David, Lyft driver

“My son was diagnosed with cancer a year-and-a-half ago at 16 years old. As a mother of 5 I'm able to [drive] about 25 hours a week, to pull myself out of the hole little by little.”
- Edie, Lyft driver

“As the father of eight kids, Lyft gives me the opportunity to earn extra money when I have free time.”
- Bradford, Lyft driver

“It supports our vacation budget. Because of Lyft we went to Europe for a month.”  
- Krzysztof, Lyft driver

“I grew up in Vegas and was a baker when I started driving with Lyft. Because of my passion, Lyft offered me a full-time job. Now, I’m a Senior Manager. I love being part of the drivers’ journey and watching our community grow into a unique and exhilarating market.”
- Josh, Lyft Las Vegas’ first employee

To celebrate, we're offering up to $50 in free ride credit to try Lyft for the first time. New passengers redeem here:

For more events, tips, and discounts follow @LyftVegas on Twitter.

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