Now Live: Scheduled Rides

Now Live: Scheduled Rides

Peace of mind. It’s one thing you can never get enough of. That’s why we created scheduled rides. Now you can schedule original Lyft rides up to seven days in advance and relax knowing your ride will be there when you need it. Whether you’re catching a flight or a show across town, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. This feature is now available in multiple cities nationwide.

How It Works

Set it.

Select a 10-minute pickup window up to 7 days in advance

Forget it.

Your ride will arrive within the scheduled window


We’ve Got You Covered

Straightforward fares. When you schedule your ride, we’ll predict what Prime Time will look like. Once you confirm your request, Prime Time is locked at that rate — so you’ll never have to pay more, even if Prime Time increases.

No Plan B needed. If a driver cancels in case of an emergency, we’ll send you another one immediately.

Cancel any time. If your plans change, don’t sweat it; you can update or cancel your scheduled ride up to 30 minutes before your requested time free of charge. After that, there’s a $10 cancellation fee.

Schedule your next ride and simplify your day.


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