Outdoor Adventures Right in Downtown Denver

Outdoor Adventures Right in Downtown Denver

Colorado is known for its majestic mountains and all the fun activities that go along with being in the great outdoors. People have been flocking to Denver from all over the country to tap into all that Colorado has to offer, and who can blame them? As a Coloradan, you can wake up any day of the year and take off on an outdoor adventure!

Denver’s own Goceity has taken outdoor adventuring to another level, offering an online community that brings people who love being outside, together.

“Gociety's mission is to connect people who love the outdoors,” Goceity co-founder Anna Thielke said. “We believe that no matter where you are, there are other people who enjoy doing the same things near you — we just help you find them.”

Goceity was started in Denver, but has members all over the world and hopes to continue growing its community. So what does it look like to be a part of Goceity?

“Once you sign up for Gociety, you can see others in your area who share your passions,” Thielke said. “You can also see plans, trip reports and recommendations from other members. As a first step, many members choose to attend a Gociety event to break the ice. Others will start a plan and find hiking buddies on the fly! Adventures range and are across all seasons.”

Goceity is hosting an immersive outdoor event called Adventure Fest on September 17th at Denver’s Sculpture Park. The event will feature multiple activities for attendees, including outdoor gourmet cooking, climbing, camping, lounging and much more. On top of all that, there will be live bluegrass and electronic music going on all day. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here.

We know that it can often be tricky and expensive to find parking around Sculpture Park, so we’re going to make things simple for you! First time Lyft passengers can get $10 off two rides by entering ADVENTUREFEST into their app when they sign up, or following the link here:

If you still need a push to go check Gociety out, here are some words from a couple of Goceity’s most active members:

“When I moved to Colorado a few years ago, Gociety provided a fantastic way for me to find people to go do awesome things outside with. I've met so many amazing people and have had some incredible adventures, which have really shaped my experience living in Colorado.” - Jesse Hoyng, 23, Communication Director and Project Manager, Fourth Wall Productions

“I began using Gociety as a Beta tester several years ago. I thought it sounded perfect for an active Colorado lifestyle. I have active friends, but they all seem to be too busy more often than not for some outdoor adventures. That's where Gociety comes into play and why I love it. I've loved seeing Gociety grow over the years and am excited to see where it goes from here.” - Brett Forrest, 26, Creative Media Producer, Fox31 Denver News

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