A New Ride for THE RIDE Customers

A New Ride for THE RIDE Customers

Today, we are proud to start bringing on-demand transportation to customers of THE RIDE, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) paratransit service.

Each year THE RIDE provides approximately 1.8 million trips to registered customers. In the past, these trips were required to be booked a day in advance. But with this Lyft partnership, passengers can sign up to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of ridesharing, and request a ride in real-time.

Our partnership with the MBTA reflects an exciting next step in enhancing and expanding THE RIDE’s service by reducing passenger wait times and increasing access to jobs, education, errands, and social activities.

Regardless of mobility needs, all customers of THE RIDE can enjoy the same level of access and quality of life. We plan to fully equip our driver platform with wheelchair accessible vehicles, making it easier than ever to request a vehicle with a ramp. At the same time, we’re also excited to leverage Concierge, our telephone-based reservation system, as an alternative pathway for people who don’t have a smartphone to request a Lyft ride.

“We’re excited to partner with Lyft to provide this innovative service to our customers.  We’re eager to see how their unique solutions like Concierge and others help both the MBTA and its customers. We look forward to a great partnership,” said MBTA General Manager Brian Shortsleeve.

How’s that for being Friends With Transit?

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