Better Transportation, Better Schools in Philadelphia

Better Transportation, Better Schools in Philadelphia

Every day, Lyft improves cities through better transportation. But in Philadelphia, we’re especially proud of the role our community plays to improve local schools.

Students at Philadelphia’s Kenderton Elementary are now back in school with the supplies and uniforms they need for the school year, thanks to the efforts of drivers who took the initiative to organize a back to school drive.

“Thanks to Lyft drivers, we can ensure that students at Kenderton Elementary have access to basic educational tools, such as pencils, backpacks, folders and crayons. These are the absolute essentials that every child needs to learn,” said Pamela Redmond, Principal of Kenderton Elementary.

The back to school drive isn’t the only way the Lyft community is improving Philadelphia schools.

Earlier this year, state lawmakers struck a deal which authorizes Lyft to operate in Philadelphia while allocating a portion of the revenues from ridesharing to local schools.

In news reports, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said, "It is encouraging that the legislation provides two-thirds of the revenue derived from ridesharing to the Philadelphia School District.”

The deal is working for drivers, passengers, students and teachers, but time is running out. If the deal expires on September 30, millions of dollars in important school funding will be lost.

We need your help to call on elected officials to pass legislation that keeps this deal in place.

“Lyft has worked to ensure that their ridesharing service has a positive influence on our community. On behalf of the children of the School District of Philadelphia, I’d like to thank Lyft for its commitment to our schools and for their sponsorship of a great Back to School event. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Lyft in the years to come as they become more engaged with our schools and help improve learning opportunities for children,” said School District of Philadelphia Superintendent, Dr. William R. Hite.

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