Lyft Launches Developer Program with Marquee Partner Facebook Messenger

Lyft Launches Developer Program with Marquee Partner Facebook Messenger

Lyft is on a mission to transform our cities and shape the future of transportation. To get there with the shortest ETA, we’re working closely with incredible partners – from transit agencies and local governments, to companies like Starbucks, GM, and Waze. These partners all share our dedication to treat people better, and we know there are countless other companies and developers with the same goals and values out there, too.

Today, we’re excited to launch the Lyft Developer Program. Available to a handful of developers for a few months, we’re now inviting developers everywhere to build on our platform, make it even easier to request a reliable, affordable Lyft ride, and follow in the footsteps of our newest marquee partner – which we’re proud to announce today – Messenger.

What opportunity can an API create? There are endless possibilities. Some have already been realized:

  • Messaging apps: Messenger (and Slack, too) help bridge the gap between online connections and real-world experiences. Messaging with a friend to set up plans, or finally score a meeting with that key networking contact for your dream job? Request your Lyft without ever leaving the Messenger app, and get face-to-face even faster.

  • Transit apps: Across the country, nearly a quarter of all Lyft rides start or end near transit stations. Using Lyft has become just as core to getting around many urban areas as riding the subway. By partnering with Xerox, RideScout, GlobeSherpa and Citymapper, you’ll now see Lyft data on cities’ transit apps from Los Angeles to Denver to Portland, and beyond, and be able to weigh the cost and convenience of grabbing a ride on even more types of transportation options.

  • International travel: Soon, when you travel to China, India, or Southeast Asia, you’ll be able to use the same Lyft app you use here in the States to request a ride, thanks to our partnerships with Didi, Grab, and Ola. And, vice versa when users of these apps travel to the U.S. Our API is what makes it happen, and brings the same seamless, cashless experience to Lyft passengers no matter where they want to ride, while delivering even more rides to drivers.

  • Still to come: We’re seeking all types of developers to help us bring about the future of transportation and create the most clever, helpful, innovative new ways to request a Lyft. Whether that’s travel apps, dating apps, dining apps, sports apps, finance apps – the sky’s the limit. Transportation is core to so many of our everyday, pivotal life experiences, and there’s no end to the inspiration and ideas flying out there. Stay tuned for news about upcoming Lyft hackathons and other unique programs to come to the Lyft developer ecosystem.

With Messenger, our two companies share a unique brand alignment. Lyft’s mission is to unite humanity and technology – and Messenger’s goal is to be the best way to communicate with the people and businesses that matter to you most. In the coming weeks, as Messenger x Lyft rolls out across the country, we’ll celebrate our shared priorities and dedication to delighting users with unique surprise promotions. To get a Lyft while using Messenger, tap “Transportation,” select Lyft, and ride. 

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