Keep Moving During Inauguration Week With Lyft

Keep Moving During Inauguration Week With Lyft

As many as one million visitors are heading to D.C. for the 45th Presidential Inauguration this week. Whether you’re participating in inauguration activities or just planning your commute, Lyft has you covered. Here are a few tips to make your trips a little smoother this week:

Beware the blackout zones.
The District Department of Transportation is implementing “blackout zones” through a large portion of Downtown D.C. between noon on Wednesday, January 18 through late afternoon, Saturday, January 21. Only governmental vehicles will be able to travel in this area, so be aware you may experience longer commutes or restrictions on your normal Lyft routes.

Prohibited Blackout Zone (1/18 - 1/20):

Prohibited Blackout Zone (1/21):

Request rides outside the zone to minimize wait times and traffic delays.
While the blackout zone is active, Lyft vehicles will be staged at the Kennedy Center transportation loop, RFK Stadium, and Capital Riverfront to ensure quick pick ups throughout D.C. Be sure to request your driver outside the zone and consider catching a ride as close to these staging areas as possible!

Plan your commute: You can find a full list of street closures on the DDOT site.
Stay tuned! We’ll update this post with more tips this week as we receive more information from city officials and transportation organizations.

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