5 Reasons to Use Lyft When Commuting in Philly

5 Reasons to Use Lyft When Commuting in Philly

We’ve all had those mornings where the idea of trekking to work makes you want to crawl back underneath the covers. We’ve all watched the clock waiting for a train that seems to never arrive. What if there was a low-cost way to avoid it all? Luckily for us, the streets of Philly are full of Lyft drivers, anxiously waiting to help you with your commute. Here are five reasons why commuting with Lyft could be the best way to start your day. 

#1 - Reliable

It’s fair to say that commuters in Philly have seen it all. From sky-high parking prices to transit strikes, issues have popped up on both cost and timeliness. Neither of these things happen with Lyft.

The average wait time for a Lyft is about 4 minutes across the Philadelphia coverage area. Once your car arrives, you’re on your way without any question as to if the trains will run on schedule. When you get to the office, don’t worry about circling the block or paying top rates for parking; you just get out of the car and get on your way.  

#2 - You've Got Options

Lyft offers multiple options for your commuting convenience.

  • In a hurry or want some alone time? Try Lyft Classic, which gets you a door to door ride in minutes.

  • Looking for a deal? Lyft Line offers a shared ride with another passenger who is going a similar direction as you, for a discounted price. Note that this may add an additional 5-10 minutes to your commute time if you do share the ride. 

  • Got a crew headed to an office happy hour? Lyft Plus offers at least six seats in a larger vehicle so you can get the fun going without the headache.

#3 - Finding Time

At the end of the day, who doesn't need more time? Driving in rush hour traffic with a grande coffee by your side can be tricky and not exactly relaxing. But if you ride to work with Lyft, you can have your cup o’ joe — and drink it, too. You can even get a little you time back after work if you get things done during your commute with Lyft: catch up on emails, Facebook, news — it’s all up to you! 

#4 - Affordable

We’re all on the perpetual hunt for the most cost effective way to get to work. We don’t want to pay for an arm and a leg, but also value our time off the clock.  

Luckily, Lyft makes it affordable and eliminates the question marks on how much your commute will cost. With upfront pricing, there are no surprises or gimmicks; fares are transparent and include all of your fees (minus the tip, which is of course up to you). With line fares as low as $2.50, that's cheaper than a cup of coffee! 

#5 - Always Comfortable

Lyft drivers are held to a high standard and maintain their vehicles, ensuring great service and an even better value for your money. You also can ride up front — no more getting jammed between a wall and a stranger on the train. Many drivers even have water or other snacks as an added perk! 

Next time you’re thinking about the best way to get to work or waiting for the train back to the ‘burb’s after a long day, wait no more; just call Lyft! 

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