5 Stories from the Lyft Community That Will Remind You The World is Good

5 Stories from the Lyft Community That Will Remind You The World is Good

When things are feeling uncertain, it can be hard to remember that we’re more alike than we are different. But it’s true — and in case you need a reminder of all the good stuff out there, take a look at some of these stories from the Lyft community.

1. David, a driver in San Francisco, founded a non-profit that focuses on the fight against human trafficking in the Bay area. When he started telling passengers about the organization, he was amazed at their reaction. “I had no idea that so many great people would want to hear more about the opportunity to help these girls,” he says. Thanks to the connections he’s made through Lyft, he’s built a wealth of contacts to fight for his cause. Read more about David's story.

2. Tyreda, a driver in Atlanta, makes random acts of kindness a tradition with her daughter. “One day the act of kindness is to smile at everyone we pass. Or it might be leaving an inspirational note in a book at the public library, buying a coffee for a teacher, or taping money to a vending machine. One year, we left $5 in a Redbox movie we returned for popcorn for the next renter.” Read more about Tyreda and other drivers giving back.


3. “We’re connected, all of us,” says Denver driver Mark. There’s a particular Lyft Line ride that always reminds him of this fact. One passenger opened up about her life: she was an immigrant from Afghanistan who had been in Denver for 4 years, after having left her family to come to the US to escape war. She said it was hard to leave, but since coming to Denver, she’s started teaching rock climbing to other young refugee girls that have moved to the Mile High City. Both Mark and the other passenger were near tears. Read more about Mark’s story.

4. “I just thought I’d be there for her,” says Phoenix driver John. He recently gave a Lyft ride to Carol, a grandmother on her way to meet a man from Craigslist who was selling a car. John became concerned when he heard Carol was carrying nearly $5,000 in cash, so he offered to come with her to make sure the situation was safe. "You hear the stories about people being in these situations like that and I just thought I'd be there for her," he said. "I shut off my app and I said, 'Now I am your friend. We're here together, so you won't be alone while we are making this deal.'" He even test drove the car and negotiated the price down $300! Read John and Carol’s story.

5. And of course, all the kind-hearted Lyft drivers who go out of their way to return lost wallets, keys, groceries, sunglasses and more. You make us feel warm and fuzzy.

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