Why I Lyft: To Make A Difference

Why I Lyft: To Make A Difference

"I was stuck in a pretty bad jam," says David N. as he reflected on the moment he decided to pursue his dream. In July 2016, David found himself in a tough spot with a broken down car, sudden job loss, two kids in college, and another at home ready to start her senior year of high school. Facing significant loss, he came to see this moment as a "divine opportunity" to launch his own business as well as non-profit, The Health and Freedom Project — an organization which focuses on the fight against human trafficking.

Without a vehicle, David used ridesharing as a way to get to his daily appointments. "After talking to a few of my drivers, I learned about Lyft's Express Drive program and how giving enough rides could lead to a new car, essentially for free. It was exactly what I needed at the time."

He joined the program and began driving with Lyft while continuing to build contacts for his business.

"Driving became a source of extra income, a way to get around to my meetings, and provided excellent opportunities to meet and talk with people. I had no clue so many great people would want to hear more about a health-tech company and the opportunity to help girls who have been rescued out of sex-trafficking here in the Bay Area."

As David's organization has grown, so has his dedication and time commitment. And while he hasn't been able to drive as often as he'd like, he has seen value in connecting with others and sharing his journey. 

The Fight Against Trafficking

Did you know that January is Anti-Trafficking Awareness Month? To learn more about how you can help the Health and Freedom Project launch a pilot study in Alameda County, check out hatetraffic.org (a spin on the frustration of feeling stuck in traffic). Or visit Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition for a list anti-trafficking events through out the month.

The Health and Freedom Project uses breakthrough technology to provide a bio-marker for health of the victim.

The Health and Freedom Project uses breakthrough technology to provide a bio-marker for health of the victim.

About David: Beyond launching a non-profit, David is also an executive producer of Abolition Radio, a media outreach of anti-trafficking organization Love Never Fails, which most recently rescued a 13 year old girl out of the Bay Area. With The Health and Freedom Project, he's also able to offer nutritional healing for trafficking survivors while helping them develop a thriving future.

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