Restart Your Engine: Own 2017 With This Advice From Lyft Drivers

Restart Your Engine: Own 2017 With This Advice From Lyft Drivers

You counted down until midnight, kissed 2016 goodbye, and maybe even made some new year’s resolutions. But how can you really set yourself up for the best year ever? We chatted with a few go-getters in the Lyft driver community to get some advice. Here’s how to put last year in your rearview and start 2017 off right.

1. Take time to reflect on the good. 

Bay Area driver Milindha is an expert at practicing gratitude — he gave out signed thank you cards to hundreds of passengers last year, and says reflecting on what you’re grateful for is key to finding happiness in 2017. “I met so many wonderful people this past year,” he says. “The world and its people are beautiful, despite all the negative news out there, and it’s important to remember that.”

2. Set your intentions.

Lyft driver and cyclist Erika recommends getting serious — and specific — about your 2017 goals: “I biked over 2,500 miles last year, but this year I want to cycle 5,000,” she says. She notes that setting mini-milestones can help a big goal feel more attainable: for her, that’s biking to the grocery store, to the gym, and when meeting up with friends.

3. Have an accountability partner. 

Feel like you’re in a resolution rut? Grab a friend to keep you accountable and motivated, says Erika. And don’t get discouraged if you’re late to the game: “The best day to start a healthy habit or new regiment is now,” she says.

4. Keep your mind and heart open. 

Milindha recounts a story of a young passenger he didn’t think he’d have anything in common with. “She was in her 20s, and I listened and gave her advice as if she were my daughter. She cried and said I changed her life.” Erika agrees that being open should be on everyone’s resolution list. “It’s going to be very important this year to be available for our friends and family who need a listening ear or a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on,” she says. “Be there for your community. Be an ally. Be strong. Be present.”

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