Lyft Announcements at APTA: Trapeze, Amtrak to Offer More Rides to More People

Lyft Announcements at APTA: Trapeze, Amtrak to Offer More Rides to More People

Lyft Partners with Trapeze

With public transit’s premier annual conference, APTA EXPO, kicking off today, we’re excited to announce a collaboration that will help us get one step closer to achieving our mission of improving people’s lives with the best transportation. Together with Trapeze Group, we are teaming up to provide transit agencies with the ability to book and track scheduled and on-demand Lyft rides for paratransit passengers through the Trapeze platform. Trapeze’s technology powers 86% of the top 100 transit agencies in North America, and this collaboration will enable transit agencies across the nation to provide paratransit riders with more options to get to where they need to go, when they need to get there.

“We are thrilled to work together with Lyft to offer paratransit passengers with a reliable, fast, and affordable transportation solution across the country,” said Jeff Moore, Director, Industry Solutions and Alliances, Trapeze Group. “This is more than just a ride: it’s about expanding mobility and improving customer experience, and we are confident that Lyft is the right company to deliver this service.”

Starting today, agencies with the latest version of the Trapeze paratransit solution can use this service to book and track Lyft rides for eligible clients.

Jobs Access Connection Services Program

In addition to our collaboration with Trapeze, we recently partnered with Amtrak to offer riders an easy way to get to and from the train. Building upon that collaboration, we’re pleased to announce that we are beginning to work with local communities to help commuters access our nation’s largest rail network. In Solano, California, we recently launched a Jobs Access program that provides enhanced access to regional employment by helping public transit commuters connect from the local Amtrak station to job parks up to five miles away. This program addresses a gap in the local transportation network for workers who previously lacked reliable transit alternatives between the region’s major rail hub and their place of work.

Transportation Solutions Through Ridesharing and Public Transit Partnerships

Our collaborations with Trapeze Group and Amtrak are just a few examples of how Lyft partners with agencies to better serve their clients in an affordable way — creating multi-modal solutions to bridge the transportation gap for passengers in a variety of settings. Partners like the Transportation Authority of Marin have been able to drive public transit adoption through first-last mile services to major regional rail stations, while Boston has been able to leverage Lyft to expand options for paratransit passengers while driving dramatic savings on per ride costs.

APTA Events

We’ll be celebrating both announcements at APTA this week with a fireside chat with Lyft’s Amit Patel, Director of Business Development, and Kamil Rodoper, Head of Business Product, alongside experts from Trapeze at booth #2819 on Monday, October 9 at 2:00 pm ET. We’ll also be hosting a happy hour at the Trapeze Group booth at 3:00 pm ET on Monday. For discounted rides at APTA, Lyft is partnering with Trapeze Group to offer passengers $15 off their ride to/from the conference center with code LYFTAPTA17 for one-time use.

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