Miami: Your 2017 Lyftie Award Winners

Miami: Your 2017 Lyftie Award Winners

Miami, ever wonder where everyone is eating, or where to find the hottest happy hour? Lyft has collected passenger drop-off data from across the country to give you the most popular destinations of 2017. Check out the list of Lyftie Award winners from your city, and enjoy special Lyft-exclusive deals.

Most Visited Restaurant: Bodega

Craving a taco? Go no further than Bodega where you can score everything from a winning taco to chips and guac. Best part? Order right at the stand that doubles as a taco truck and dig in!

Most Visited Bar: Wood Tavern

Wood Tavern, in the heart of Wynwood, is a huge draw with both tourists and locals and is known for its casual atmosphere. Whether you’re up for a live performance or a refreshing beer, Wood Tavern knows how to cater to any mood.

Most Visited Event Space: American Airlines Arena

Home to the Miami Heat and the biggest concerts in the city. No matter why you come, there’s no doubt you’ll be in for a good time here. Sit, relax, and let yourself be entertained at Miami’s most visited event space.

Most Visited University: Miami Dade College, Wolfson

In the heart of Downtown Miami lies the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College. Students and professors alike come here to learn and expand their horizons in the bustling center of Miami. Everyone at Miami Dade College knows they can count on Lyft to get them to class on time!

Only In… : Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls is a place where every flat surface has been painted/graffitied by world-renowned street artists. Colors and shapes jump out at you from every corner. If you’re in Miami, you can’t miss this unique sightseeing experience for people of all ages!

Trending Destination: Lincoln Road Mall

When in Miami do as the locals do — dedicate a day to outdoor shopping! Grab some ice cream, rent a bike or stroll the beautiful sidewalks of Lincoln Road. From shopping, eating, to watching a movie or bowling — there’s nothing you can’t do here.

Haven’t had a chance to check out Wynwood Walls? Use code LYFTIESMIAMI for 20% off a ride to any of the winning locations.

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