Seattle: Your 2017 Lyftie Award Winners

Seattle: Your 2017 Lyftie Award Winners

Seattle, ever wonder where everyone is eating, or where to find the hottest happy hour? Lyft has collected passenger drop-off data from across the country to give you the most popular destinations of 2017. Check out the list of Lyftie Award winners from your city.

Most Visited Restaurant: Art Marble 21

Art Marble 21 is located in South Lake Union, and is perfect for every occasion. The building gets its fun and unique feel from its history — in the 1920’s it belonged to Art Marble Co. and was their flagship store where they sold granite and stone the Pacific Northwest. Nowadays, you can enjoy both their locally sourced beer and food, in their 3000 square foot game room.

Most Visited Bar: Fremont Brewing

There is clearly a theme amongst Seattle’s top spots. Fremont Brewing was designed to celebrate the history of beer and it’s a staple for any Seattleite. Located just north of Lake Union and Gasworks, it is the perfect place to wind down after spending a summer’s day on the lake, or in the winter months stop by to cozy up with friends, a local beer, and a dog or two.  

Most Visited Event Space: Safeco Field

Safeco Field is not just the home of the Seattle Mariners, it’s also Seattle’s top Event Space and hosts some of the best concerts in the city. Think of the world’s hottest live acts and chances are they’ve performed here.

Most Visited University: University of Washington

The University of Washington, founded in 1861, is one of the oldest colleges on the West Coast. It’s a popular destination for both students and visitors due to its beautiful campus and high level sports. Check out the campus cherry blossoms in the spring and see the city cheer on the Huskies, the 2016 Pac 12 Champions, in the fall.  

Only In Seattle: Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is not just a tourist destination, it is popular for Seattle locals as well. Pike Place is a bustling and vibrant community for local artists, farmers, craftsmen, and small businesses alike. No matter when you head to the market, you’ll be sure to experience bright colors, wonderful aromas, and lots of people. Fun fact: Pike Place is the only public market in the nation that’s been preserved and operated by the city continuously for more than 100 years.

Trending Destination: Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s first store opened in 1901 on Seattle’s 4th and Pike. 116 years later it’s a Seattle institution because, let’s face it, Seattleites love their local brands.

Whether you’re heading to UW to watch the Huskies Basketball team, or you’re off to Fremont Brewing for one of their amazing beers, use code SEALYFTIES to score 17% off a ride to any of the winning locations:

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