February: Philly Driver of the Month

February: Philly Driver of the Month

Meet Paul, a Philly driver with an off-the-charts rating and over 2,000 rides, to hear all about his experience as a driver and learn his secrets to being successful on the road.

Giving your first ride can be intimidating. What advice would you give to a new driver?

"Don’t be nervous — jump in cold turkey. The first couple rides will get rid of any butterflies. Just put on a smile and be kind. If you are unfamiliar with navigating, try using your navigation system of choice for a few days, even for simple routes you are used to taking, like going to work or the grocery store."

Your rating is awesome! What’s your secret?

"Being myself, and asking questions. Dale Carnegie said that everyone's favorite subject is themselves. If you just talk with people in a way where you truly care about what they have to say, and find what is unique in every person, they will always leave the car feeling better, or in a better mood than they entered. That’s what it’s all about. Creating smiles and good moods."

When is the best time to drive to make the most money?

"The best time to drive is when demand is the highest; hit up the bar crowd on weekends, but also Monday and Friday mornings when most people sleep in and are running late for work."

Where are the hottest places to drive in Philly?

"It all depends on when you’re driving. On weekends, check out South Philly. Get down around Pat’s and Gino’s after the bars let out and you’re going to stay very busy. Look for pop-up events where an influx of people come in from out of the city."

If you could have anyone in the world as your Lyft passenger, who would you choose?

"Tough question, because there are so many people I would love to ride with. Right now, I think I would choose Elon Musk. I am a huge fan of what he is doing with renewable energy, Tesla, and now what he is looking to do with SpaceX. I’m an entrepreneur myself, so the chance to pick his brain would be worth every second."

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