Lyft is Your Ride to the Curran

Lyft is Your Ride to the Curran

San Francisco is a city built on disruption, from the Gold Rush to the Dot Com Boom. SF has also been known as a community on the forefront of the arts movement, from early Painted Ladies Architecture to the Rock n' Rock movement spurred by the Summer of Love.

Here at Lyft, we pride ourselves on embracing traditions in the city that we call home. That's why we're proud to be the official rideshare partner of the newly restored San Francisco arts icon: the Curran theater.

After undergoing a celebratory 2 year renovation, the Curran has reopened its doors with a new mission, inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay Area: to create a new kind of artistic hub in San Francisco - one that engages new and existing audiences and attracts the most visionary artists in the world, by presenting bold, daring works.

The grand reopening was well worth the wait - take a look below and see for yourself.

Since 1922, Curran has been the place where classic broadway hits such as Wicked and Beautiful have premiered before heading to NYC. Many legendary stars have also played at the Curran, including James Earl Jones, Carol Channing, Judy Garland, Patti Lupone, Kevin Spacey, and Marilyn Monroe.

From March 7th - 19th, catch a performance of ECLIPSED, the extraordinary story of five women brought together by the upheaval in their homeland of LIberia. Bonus: take 20% off your ECLIPSED tickets. Simply use code LYFT at checkout.

And while the Curran is working hard to bring your standing ovation worthy performances, we'll be there to make sure your night starts and ends with seamless transportation to and from the theater. Once the curtains have dropped, take a look at the back of your program for a special discount code on your Lyft ride home.

From encore to en route, we'll be working hard with our friends at the Curran to make sure your theater experience is nothing but the best. We'll see you at the show, San Francisco!

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