Lyft x LAVTA Partner for Discounted Rides in The City of Dublin, CA

Lyft x LAVTA Partner for Discounted Rides in The City of Dublin, CA

Lyft is proud to announce the launch of a new rideshare partnership with Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority, which offers City of Dublin residents enhanced mobility options throughout their community. The GODUBLIN promotion is the first time a transit agency has partnered with a ridesharing company to promote discounted trips to and from any location within a city's boundaries.

Under the GODUBLIN program, LAVTA will pay for 50% of a passenger's fares up to $5 for Lyft Line trips. By entering the code GODUBLIN in the Lyft app, travelers are able to take discounted trips at any time between two locations within Dublin's city limits. This includes enhanced commuter access to both of Dublin's BART stations whose parking lots overflow every weekday morning.

Transit agencies have traditionally found it difficult to provide cost-effective and convenient service in lower-density suburban communities. Through subsidizing Lyft Line rides, LAVTA aims to reduce single-occupancy trips, improve access to the community for all residents, and encourage public transit commuting by expanding commuter options into the region's popular BART stations.

"The Go Dublin partnership between LAVTA and Lyft was developed out of a need to improve transportation options in areas where traditional bus service does not exist or is inconvenient. The discount provides a great real-time, ridesharing choice that enables customers to travel to any destination in Dublin, including the Rapid routes and BART stations," said LAVTA's Executive Director Michael Tree.

We're excited to partner with LAVTA to encourage shared travel throughout the Dublin community. Click the button below to claim your GODUBLIN deal and join this unique ridesharing program.

The GODUBLIN promotion is valid through June 30, 2017 or until funds are exhausted.

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