10 Reasons to Go Carless in Atlanta

10 Reasons to Go Carless in Atlanta

Lyft Atlanta's General Manager, Sam, knows a thing or two about ridesharing — he took the plunge and decided to forgo his own set of wheels. Since then he has been relying on Lyft exclusively to get from place to place. So what is it really like to use only Lyft as a means of transportation? And what are the advantages to riding over driving? Here are Sam's top 10 advantages to living the rideshare life:

"It’s been a full four months since I took the plunge and sold my car to rely exclusively on Lyft to get around Atlanta. So far, the experience has been pretty consistent — it’s cheaper than it would have been for me to purchase and maintain a new car, more convenient (haven’t looked for parking in four months and counting), and most importantly, gives me back time and sanity during commutes. That last point — time saved and sanity restored — has been probably the most enjoyable part of the experience.

So, I thought I’d share my list of favorite activities during the time I get back by using Lyft instead of driving my own car. And for fun, it’s a top-10 list in reverse order (a la Late Show):

10) Play Word Scramble on my iPhone - you could substitute any smartphone game here. My guilty pleasure is Scramble 2.0.

9) Catch up on podcasts - I’m a fan of several NPR offerings: TED Radio Hour, Exponent, Hidden Brain...and I find that I actually retain more of the broadcast when I’m not also having to navigate behind the wheel.

8) Research restaurants - I am usually hungry by the time I am heading home in the evenings, so I like searching for new and popular restaurants while I’m thinking about food anyway. I’ve made several date night reservations while on the ride home after reading various reviews.

7) Cross off (or rollover) my to-do lists - I usually start my workday making a list of key things I need to accomplish during the day — and while I think I do an okay job of knocking out the actual lists, sometimes I don’t actually cross them off in the moment. So, sometimes I will take the brief moment of satisfaction while in the car and cross off the day’s completed tasks — and, on my weaker days, start writing down tomorrow’s list with the things I didn’t actually complete.

6) Hop on Instagram - Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which occasionally find themselves open on my computer desktop, I usually stay off Instagram at work. This provides a nice, lengthy scrolling opportunity when I’m on the way home from work.

5) Get feedback from drivers - Because I'm a Lyft employee, I usually end up asking drivers about what's working and what's not. This can be a great way to collect honest feedback about issues with communications, the app, or incentives. By disclosing I’m part of the Lyft Atlanta team and then asking how to improve, I think drivers feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts on what they don’t like — and that way I can get feedback to help fix them.

4) Finish that last work email or presentation update - It’s great to be able to pop open my laptop and be productive (if I’m running behind) during my commute. I don’t aim to do this, but when circumstances dictate, it’s better to finish something off during the ride than have to worry about coming back to it later — which, if I’m heading home and doing the nighttime routine with my kids, could mean several hours later.

3) Talk music with my drivers - This is usually something that happens if I get into the car and have a favorite song playing — I’m a fan of a lot of genres, so it is actually pretty frequent. My most memorable one was when my Lyft driver had on an instrumental-only mix, but the instruments were covering pop songs. I didn’t realize I was listening to “Firework” until about a minute in, and then I guessed it. We spent the next 10 minutes playing “Name that Tune.” I went 6/7 (to my everlasting shame, I somehow didn’t recognize the instrumental version of “Side to Side” by the Ariana Grande).

2) Set my fantasy football roster - this is fall-specific, but definitely the dominant activity when we’re in the middle of the season. Like many fantasy diehards, this is not necessarily a value-added activity (many times I end up reading all the injury updates, looking at the waiver wire, and then not doing anything at all), but it makes me feel like any success I have isn’t purely due to luck. Though for the record, my losses are all due to bad luck.

1) And the number one item: the power nap. Most people who’ve cared for an infant know the value of the 5-10 minute nap when baby is sleeping and when you don’t have to jump to some other chore. Sometimes having 10 minutes to close my eyes between work and home is just what the doctor ordered to be ready for the chaos of dinner and bedtime with a 6 and 3 year old at home."

- Sam, Lyft Atlanta GM

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