Motorcycle Instructor, Filmmaker, and Lyft Driver: Meet Candice

Motorcycle Instructor, Filmmaker, and Lyft Driver: Meet Candice

Meet five-star Lyft driver, Candice. She's passionate, upbeat, and excited to welcome every passenger into her car. Hailing from Hayward and Sacramento, Candice knows the Bay Area well. We sat down with Candice to get to know her story a little better.

"It's actually really amazing," Candice says. "I love driving all over the city. I've found new areas, new neighborhoods, new alleyways that I never would've found otherwise. I love the diversity of not just my passengers, but the neighborhoods too."

You're a filmmaker and motorcycle instructor in your spare time, and already have about 3,000 rides under your belt! What is it exactly that fuels your enthusiasm for Lyft?

"Originally, it was just to make a viable income. I was just reading Craigslist and came across a Lyft post and thought that it sounded interesting! The next morning I met with my mentor at 8 AM and I was super gung-ho about it. So it was just like, let's do this! At first I was thinking, is this going to be awkward? Potential for disaster? But most rides are fun and social."

What is your favorite thing about driving with Lyft?

"The income is great, but honestly, now it's more about the people for me. The people make it great. I drive Lyft Lines every morning and people are so appreciative and making those connections makes my day. It's really amazing to me — the adventure of it."

As a motorcycle instructor on weekends, Candice also uses her skills to teach people about safety on the road:

"I grew up riding Wave Runners and snowmobiles. We stayed at Folsom Lake. You learn how to negotiate the road. I've been doing that for years. When you're out there, create good karma and let pedestrians and bikers go first. Be aware and put them first. That creates a good cycle of trust when you're driving." 

While you have a passion for meeting passengers in any corner of America, if you had a choice, where is your favorite place to drive?

"In the city, anywhere. Marin is fun too, because you get to drive up into the hills of Mill Valley and it's beautiful." 

What advice have you picked up along the way?

"If you're new to driving with Lyft, practice navigating in the city. Go from the Richmond to SoMa to the Marina. Do that for two days — back and forth across town to get the hang of it. Know our city! Do your best to create a welcoming environment in your car. Then, allow the rider to guide the conversation. They may have a lot on their mind and enjoy riding in silence and that's okay! We've all been there. They may want to learn about you! Be open to sharing your life experience and receiving theirs."

As a filmmaker, Candice is also the founder of "LyftVenture," a project planned for this spring. She'll be driving her car in 21 Lyft cities in 21 days, talking to hundreds of people from around the country and editing the footage from her experiences in a documentary film showcasing her extraordinary undertaking. We can't wait to see it! Kudos on your achievements, Candice. We're wishing you all the best in your continuing Lyft journey.

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